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Services For Lifestyle Investors

What is a lifestyle investor? The term came into use sometime during the first decade of the 21st century and has gained momentum and increased popularity as individual life priorities have changed due to significant global events.

But what exactly is a Lifestyle Investor, you may be asking?

Specifically, the term refers to the quest of an increase in overall quality of living through four major life components: personal income, control of one’s time, life expectancy, and social responsibility (environment/community).

It revolves around redefining the traditional model of retirement saving/investing where one earns, saves, grows and/or preserves. Many times, this has forced people to postpone dream trips or even pursuing life passions.

Enjoy your life

A Lifestyle Investor utilizes a model based on the notion of a “carpe diem” approach to both life and income generation. This allows one to enjoy the flexibility necessary to create a lifestyle according to their life choices and passions.

As we weathered the economic downturn in 2008 many people reassessed their behavior with respect to finances, their time, their health and the environment. More and more people are choosing a more balanced and holistic approach to life which includes assessing how their time is spent and what their impact is on society and the planet.

Improve your lifestyle

The Lifestyle Investor focuses on having maximum control of their time while sustaining or increasing personal income levels thus freeing more time for other ventures. The Lifestyle Investor also seeks to increase their life expectancy by leading a healthy, active lifestyle. A sense of pride and accountability is achieved through social responsibility activities focused on the community and/or environment.

Does this speak to you? We want our clients to focus on the fun things in life! You may be asking yourself what is the first step to ensure you “carpe diem”? Let us help you determine and prioritize what’s most important in your life and then develop separate strategies to meet your lifestyle goals.

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