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Our Investment Philosophy

Markets may be volatile, but our core values are resolute. We are dedicated to serving our clients and committed to the following principles:

  1. Integrity – honesty and transparency

  2. Objectivity – unbiased and independence

  3. Competence – expert and timely

  4. Fairness/Diligence – professional and first-class service

  5. Confidentiality/Professionalism – trustworthy and “clients’ interests always come first”

A team-based approach

You can expect an outstanding personal relationship with a team. As a client, you will deal directly with a professional advisor leading a team of required specialists including risk managers and estate planners who will take the time to understand your situation, objectives, estate needs, and risk tolerance. When required, we also work directly with clients’ CPAs, attorneys and trustees.

A written plan of action

We simply will not manage your assets unless it is pursuant to a written financial plan that you, as the client, authorize. Having a sound financial strategy agreed to in writing sets the foundation for success and carefully identifies how all aspects of your financial circumstances fit together. We use state-of-the-art technology to evaluate our clients’ current financial situations and propose clear and easy to understand solutions.

Customized approach

You can expect comprehensive solutions to complex wealth management needs with competitive fees. Whether your goals include maximizing your estate, business ownership succession or liquidity, or minimizing your taxes, our planning professionals will help you make smart choices focused on achieving your goals and objectives.

Open lines of communication

You can expect open and clear communication. Even though you will have a team dedicated to your financial needs, you will enjoy a direct relationship with one of our professional financial advisors. In addition, you will receive easy-to-read quarterly statements detailing your transactions and portfolio holdings. You will also enjoy access to these statements via our website.

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