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At Maxima Wealth Management, we believe in a comprehensive approach to building and preserving wealth. Our relationship with every client begins with an in-depth evaluation of their current financial situation. We work with you to determine your overall financial goals and then focus on your specific objectives and risk tolerance. We take a broad perspective; building on our core asset class investment philosophy, we help clients combine a prudent investment strategy with a well-coordinated financial plan.

As your trusted advisor, we will help you develop a program that meets your individual needs. Maxima Wealth Management provides our clients with information that will assist to make practical, educated decisions with regard to their financial future. We believe that a well-informed client makes better decisions.

Our Process

  1. Define Goals and Objectives – explore and understand each client’s values, lifestyle and attitudes

  2. Clarify the Client’s Current Situation – collect and assess relevant financial data

  3. Develop Investment Policy – provide a written investment policy presenting our specific recommendations; identify possible barriers that might impact the achievement of financial goals; offer solutions for any gaps or weaknesses we uncover in our comprehensive review and analysis

  4. Investment Policy Implementation – once the plan is clearly understood/endorsed by the client, implementation is initiated

  5. Regularly Review, Monitor and Revise – consistently monitor our client’s progress to enhance the achievement of their investment and planning goals. As new challenges and opportunities emerge, regular meetings with our clients are essential to review any changes and revise their written plan accordingly.

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