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Estate Planning

When is the last time your attorney sat down and really worked with your financial advisor? Better yet, when was the last time they even spoke?

At Maxima Wealth Management, it happens on a frequent basis.

The professionals at Maxima Wealth Management consult with attorneys to ensure that:

  • Assets are titled properly

  • Estate documents reflect changes in the law, as well as your current wishes

  • Assets are adequately protected against frivolous lawsuits

  • The special needs of loved ones are accommodated and their future assets are protected at the appropriate time – while taking into account complex family situations

  • Estate and gift taxes are minimized utilizing the most current laws and regulations

  • Buy / sell agreements are appropriately drafted and reviewed for situations where a business owner dies or otherwise exits a business or partnership

  • Business Succession Planning is appropriately structured and in place

Through wise estate planning that integrates with the management of your investment portfolio, our goal is for you to transfer the maximum assets possible to your beneficiaries in the manner you choose, while fully complying with federal and state tax laws. Our estate planning professionals will review your situation to develop a strategy that is best for you and your family.

*The professionals at Maxima Wealth Management are not legal experts and cannot provide legal advice or review of legal documents.

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